Thursday, June 2, 2016

School Expectations Letter

I've spent the last months trying to come to terms with my disappointment regarding the failure of the petition organizers to hold the CBE accountable.  The organizers are content with the role they have been handed by the CBE, even though it is not the role we petitioned for.  I attended the PCE Rally in Calgary and was pleased to see the turnout and to hear the speeches by people who want to protect families, and parental involvement in schools. I hope some of you were also able to attend.

In April, Parents for Choice in Education wrote a post introducing a tool that parents can use to advocate for their involvement at the school level.  The post includes a Parental Request for Notification form.  I have taken the basics of this form and adjusted it to reflect my expectations as a parent as well as to remind our school administration of their duties under the Family Law Act of Alberta.  I am sharing my version here in case anyone would like to use it as a starting place for their letters.

As we move forward with the next phase of advocacy for the protection of our kids, I invite you to share stories of how these letters are being received by your school administrations.

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